With work well underway at the R.L. Clark Water Treatment Plant, one of Fancom’s paramount tasks is to display the different voice communications technologies that are available to our end-users. (For a more in depth look at Fancom’s current work at this facility, please visit the project profile at http://www.fancomni.com/projects/)

It’s one thing to simply write about these options, but quite the other to demonstrate them! Two of Fancom’s employees have been working on a demonstration board for the next upcoming workshop which will exemplify the different the voice communications technologies; specifically, the speaker systems that will be installed. 

IMG 0309 resized 600

The two most prevalent and viable options on the market right now are analog and VOIP systems, as shown here by the Valcom horn (analog, to the right) and the Algo horn (VOIP, to the left). Alternatively, there is always the option of adopting a hybrid system which is a combination of the two and which allows for future upgrades to the VOIP system. While Fancom is ‘brand blind’, we aim to select the hardware that is best suited for the customer given the environment. 

Decision making is difficult as an end-user when it comes to choosing new technologies as financial, time, and knowledge restraints complicate the process. Communications Consultants, like us here at Fancom, are trained to identify your communications needs and offer the best solutions. Should you have any questions about voice options that are available to your business or other technology-based questions, please contact us!