Wifi elephant

WiFi hotspots seem to now be ubiquitous throughout North America. Everywhere you go, you will see many businesses promoting ‘Free WiFi’ in their windows in hopes of attracting customers into their shops to raise sales. Between coffee shops like Starbucks and Tim Hortons; airports; public transit platforms such as the GO bus terminal in Toronto or on Megabus vehicles; as well as government buildings like libraries and schools, one could theoretically get through a whole day with the data on their smartphone turned off yet still continually be connected to the internet.
But are these networks safe? Do we really know what we are connecting to? Generally, yes. It’s a free commodity the businesses see as a small expense that will eventually be a smart investment in the long run. But some businesses want to take the concept of WiFi marketing to the next level.
Several malls now provide free WiFi that, once connected, will track your path while you shop. They can determine how long you spend in each store as well as how repetitively you visit that store or the mall in general. The worst part is that the information collected is not necessarily anonymous. Still feel safe about turning on your phone in shopping malls?Read more about it:

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