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Communications Infrastructure Design Services Ontario

Communications Infrastructure Design

If you Google “communication” there are approximately 1.17 billion entries. A significant number of these entries refer to verbal, written or visual communication techniques, businesses, books and the like. Communication in the modern age, increasingly refers to digital communications, the moving of bits and bites made up of ones and zeroes along a copper, fibre optic or wireless pathway, appropriately organized for some useful purpose such as text messaging, emails, phone calls, computer gaming, Facebook, Visa or debit card transactions. The list is truly endless.  Digital communications are for the most part organized into 3 main categories – voice, video and data. More accurately, digital communications are purely data to create different applications such as voice or video. Fancom designs IT infrastructures to support all data communication regardless of application.
Connection Solutions- data connections, cabling, wiring, planning

Connection Solutions

There’s a phrase on our home page that says “be well connected”. It has a dual meaning to Fancom. We believe we’re well connected in the industry, to our customers, suppliers and industry associations. Connecting in the IT Communications sense means choosing the correct connecting medium that ultimately connects the user to an application. The connection could be through copper cables, fibre optic cables or it may include a distance over which communications are done wirelessly. Being well connected also involves an appropriate solution design which includes financial, operational and technical considerations. Professional “connection” design also includes a look at future requirements, knowledge of coming trends and embracing the possible.
Security Networking Planning and installation

Security Solutions

Security, not so long ago was synonymous with a retired gentleman sitting at a gate, door or other facility entrance to check the credentials of persons entering the building to ensure that only authorized personnel were allowed access. With the coming of the IP age and the Internet of things, this old fashioned construct has completely changed. The march towards modern security now includes video surveillance, recording and playback, access control via card or biometric devices, intrusion prevention, detection, alarm and monitoring, mass emergency notification and very sophisticated video analytics used for very special purposes including facial recognition, crowd monitoring and counting, scanning for persons loitering in un-authorized areas and shoplifting to name a few. Common to all of these security tools is a well designed IT network that will accommodate a variety of security applications.



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Data communications are not only confined to voice or video applications. Data transmission along a copper fibre or wireless pathway can be used for a myriad number of useful purposes. Some of these other uses are gathered in a loosely defined “control” category. Building automation services (BAS) is gaining in popularity as commercial real estate owners wrestle with the rising costs of energy. BAS techniques allow personnel to manage the use of energy to light rooms and to heat and cool spaces. Sensors on a communications network can reduce energy costs by turning down lights and heating if rooms are unoccupied. Integrated with highly efficient LED lighting utility costs can be substantially reduced. SCADA systems, (System Control and Data Acquisition) can manage complex mechanical and electrical systems to improve overall efficiency, reduce labour costs and enhance human safety. QA/QC and ROI metrics can also be measured with the use of appropriately designed applications, all of which ride on a well-designed IT network infrastructure.


There are a number of disciplines required to construct all buildings. Perhaps not surprisingly there are a number of elements that need to come together to implement an efficient, scalable and purpose specific IT infrastructure for most buildings. At the beginning of a construction project Fancom could assist in preparing an RFI (Request for Information) or an RFP (Request for Proposal) to articulate a client’s vision. Fancom offers a range of services such as CAD drawings for use by contractors who install security systems, AV systems and phone systems to name a few. Fancom will oversee the installation of systems we design to ensure they are installed according to industry best practices. Fancom can manage the entire construction project, coordinating activities from other disciplines such as Architecture and Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. Towards the end of a construction project Fancom can prepare and execute appropriate test procedures to ensure the systems deployed are in good operating condition.

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