Digital Security

The general term security can mean a lot of different things. Years ago it was synonymous with a security guard posted at a gate, checking on the credentials of individuals to be sure they were allowed entry to a parking lot, building or event.
Physical security now includes electronic, increasingly digital applications such as video surveillance, video analytics, access control intrusion detection and mass notification systems.
These measures increase security overall but still leave an opportunity for white-collar criminals to bring disruption and pain to unsuspecting businesses.

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Digital security involves a host of very specialized applications ranging from fairly simple passwords and firewalls that protect unwanted access to computers/networks to very sophisticated data encryption techniques used by law enforcement agencies and those charged with protecting national and global security.

As more and more business applications rely on the Internet and company intranets to transmit often sensitive data as is used in financial transactions, healthcare or personnel files, the security requirements of these business processes go well beyond the guard at the gate, the video surveillance of the parking lot or the controlled access to the building.

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Anti-virus protection, malware, spyware and a host of other software applications have spawned an entire industry of businesses dedicated to guarding the un-protected from unwanted intrusions into their digital environments resulting in stolen data, threats of ransom, corporate espionage, identity theft and other “white collar” crimes that threaten individuals, local businesses and nations alike.
While Fancom’s expertise is in the physical network infrastructure supporting any number of business applications, good physical infrastructure design can be integral to the ultimate goal of digital security. As an example, fibre optic networks are less susceptible to unwanted intrusion than are copper wired networks. Wireless networks can accommodate encryption technologies that improve the digital security environment businesses in general if appropriate measure are taken.
Fancom’s business connections include relationships with companies and organizations whose primary interest and expertise is digital security in all its forms.


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