When it comes to data centres, expecting 100% full-time functionality of your system is virtually impossible. Eventually, problems will arise or maintenance may be required that cause the system to suffer from downtown. But how much downtime is acceptable? Is there a standard for this downtime? How does one reduce downtime lengths?

Let’s consider first the 5 tier-rankings of uptime. In several Requests for Quotes (RFQ) that clients such as yourself may issue, it is not uncommon to have a “Tier III” or “Tier IV” uptime requirement to which the Communications Consultants, like us here at Fancom, must adhere. These tier rankings indicate the amount of uptime your business expects to see from the data centre and all technologies installed in your office.

Downtime Tier Chart

It is a fantastic goal and a feasible accomplishment to have the golden standard Tier V uptime at your business, which means there will be no more than five and half minutes of downtime each year (or 26 seconds of downtime a month). In the Information Technology world, this is what we call the five nines uptime; having uptime 99.999% of the time.

We take pride here at Fancom at being able to do what is necessary to obtain your uptime goals. Increasing path redundancy and power supply allows an exponential decrease in the amount of time that your system is offline, permitting continual functionality of all your equipment.

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