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Be Well Connected

Fancom Communication Engineering Quick Facts PageFancom provides IT‐ communications and physical electronic security design consulting services to IT, Facilities, Architectural, and Consulting Engineering professionals. Fancom plans the implementation and integration of Voice, Data, Video, Audio/Visual and Security Network cabling enabling intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance systems along with related infrastructure for specification tender and design-build projects.

Beginning with the consumer end devices such as cell phones, smart board, monitors, laptops, tablets and speakers in mind, we envision the appropriate connectivity and technology required to enable our telecommunications systems to work as designed.

Fancom  Connects Ltd. is based in Mississauga, Ontario and services clients across Ontario and Canada.


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Empowers your IT Professionals with high performance systems
Connect people and systems together seamlessly

Rewiring our Wi-Fi Terminology

  A few days ago I attended my first webinar hosted by iBwave that centralized around the need to adjust vocabulary and terminology when it comes to talking about Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi expert Alan Blake discussed the issues arising in the IT world as a result of the...

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