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Be Well Connected

Fancom Communication Engineering Quick Facts PageFancom provides IT‐ communications and physical electronic security design consulting services to IT, Facilities, Architectural, and Consulting Engineering professionals. Fancom plans the implementation and integration of Voice, Data, Video, Audio/Visual and Security Network cabling enabling intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance systems along with related infrastructure for specification tender and design-build projects.

Beginning with the consumer end devices such as cell phones, smart board, monitors, laptops, tablets and speakers in mind, we envision the appropriate connectivity and technology required to enable our telecommunications systems to work as designed.

Fancom  Connects Ltd. is based in Mississauga, Ontario and services clients across Ontario and Canada.


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Empowers your IT Professionals with high performance systems
Connect people and systems together seamlessly

Designations – Are they relevant? Are they important?

Fancom Communications Engineering, as a technical design firm, competes for business within the telecommunications industry. Our work stretches across a broad range of verticals, everything from water and wastewater treatment facilities at one end of the necessary and...

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Owner’s Responsibility

In the context of building construction, what exactly do these two words mean? Are they important? Well, like so many things, it depends on the situation. If for example we’re referring to IT infrastructure within a building and building owner is a multi-level Cisco...

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How Secure are Wireless Links in my Security Network?

Wireless networking is everywhere. It has permeated our day-to-day world so much that we are not even aware when a device connects to a trusted network or when we buy a product with a wireless interface. Networks are never able to be truly secure. As long as a person...

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